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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fairbanks to whitehorse, bye bye Alaska, hello Canada

 I left fairbanks on a gray morning and it rained most of the trip to the taylor highway. I was a bit worried, the taylor highway continues in the top of the world higway and that road is unpaved and turns into a nice slip and slide (so I've been told) But, I don't believe anybody, so I had to go see for myself.
 Wildfires have gone trough this area, it went on for 30 miles or so.
 The slip and slide, it is true what they say! Still, lots of fun and still ok driving. I am glad I got the tyres that I have now, on normal street tyres this would have been a challange
 Canada he. Border crossing formalities. Did you bring a gun? How fast does your bike go? Did you see any caribou? Stamp and off I went. If all crossings could be like this...
 Dry roads in Canada, great views again and having the time of my life.
 The ferry I had to take to get to Dawson city, across the fast Yukon river.
 Dawson looks like a wild west town, the roads are still unpaved and you walk over wooden side walks.
 The next morning the weather was better, but cold, 2 degrees when I started and it didn't get much warmer then 10. But the sky was clear, so all was good.
 Crossing the Yukon again. Alaska might only have one bridge crossing this river, in Canada they have plenty.
Five finger rapid in the Yukon. I promise this is the last picture of this river. I love the roads over here, very quiet and very good. I had to replace my headlight, it burned out on the rough roads. I used the spot yesterday for the taylor highway, I'm not using it every day as it eats batteries. Tomorrow I drive to Deale lake, via highway 37. I've been told that there are many black bears there!

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