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Monday, September 5, 2011

into the rocky mountains

 Today was great and it made me a bit emotional. The pictures don't do it just at all, but it is the space and the beauty of it! Yesterday I drove too long and that got me a bit grumpy and the hotel and dinning arrangement didn't help. So for today I set myself to drive to Jasper instead of Banff, 3 hour less driving. This gave me some more time to stop and look around and I even had a little snooze in the sun for lunch. The video is of thousands of tiny frogs sitting in the sun all over each other. When I first walked on the grass it moved and I jumped.
 The roads were still great and dry.
 another bear, walking directly into the garden of a lodge. I am not used to bears walking around in the backyard, but I guess it is normal in these area's
 As the temperature climbed, I had to go change. This was a good spot for it.
 Into the mountains. Yesterday I noticed there were fences around farmers land etc. This was the first time since I started driving that I saw them again. It is very nice to drive and drive without fences, stop signs, and traffic.
For Jasper, my nephew.

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