Welcome to my blog. On this blog I will post my travels on a motorcycle. The first trip was the start of the blog, but soon after I finished, I realized that there would more travels done on my motorcycle. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Banff to Whitefish, back in the USA

 So today I started with rafting, I had done it once in Skagway, I think, but that was together with the passangers and I make more waves in my bathtube then what we saw there. It was great fun, small group, white water and beautiful views. The top picture is the best mirror picture so far. For the rest the roads were the same untill the border. I drove into Montena and straight away the country side changed. O, the border took me 5 minutes, I was expecting it to take a lot longer.
 In the distance Canada, close by Montena.
This is how my shadow looks in Montena. I stay in Whitefish tonight, tomorrow I want to make it to Yellowstone, not sure if I'll get there, but I'll make a good start. The weather is just boiling hot. 33 degrees in the shadow! I've been drinking lots of water from my Camel Bak, my best friend at this time.

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