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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creel to Batopilas, what was I thinking!

 Right, Copper Canyon, one of my highlights of the trip, I read about, saw the pictures of it and this was one of the things to do. It seemed like a good plan at the time. The first 60 or so km from Creel are amazing, not 50 meters straight and very little traffic.
 O, and a very, very blue sky!
This donkey was looking at me in a funny way. He knew something I didn't
 Never mind, I continue over nice roads, with great views.
 No worries here, still asphalt
 Why are these guys sticking dynamte in the wall? This was the end of the road, they are making the road right here!
 This is from the top, 42 kilometers of this stuff. No problem for a nice light dirt bike, but for a big bmw fully loaded, different story.

 The bridge to Batopilas, I made it! And I was happy, 35 degrees in the shade!
 This is where I spent my afternoon, with my little spanish book
 My hotel room
one of the two reading/relaxing areas of the hotel. Here I could sit and think about tomorrow. The road into this town, is also the road out! But the place is nice, once you get used to it. I must admit the culture shock from the states to here is rather big for me. I have been to Mexico before, but this is a total different Mexico compared to Playa del Carmen or Puerta Vallarta. Give me a couple of days, and I too will be washing my clothes in the river! Tomorrow I drive up the hill!

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