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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

200 meters in Mexico, the adventure has started

So after a day of rest in Tucson, where the bike got serviced and I had time to do some laundry and float around in the pool, it was time to cross the border. I had planned this at Douglas, it was on route to Nuevo Casas Grandes, the place I intended to stop for the night. On my way I passed Tombstone, a town close to the border and famous for the western OK Coral.
 Still nice roads
A day mine at a small town called Bisbee
And then I made it to Mexico, where the crossing went very, very smooth. Too smooth, I thought and it turned out 2 hours later, that I was right. I had read up on crossings to Mexico, but I guess not good enough. I drove for two hours and hit a customs check point, where they asked for my permits. What permits??? Anyway, at Douglas I should have asked for a visitors permit and a vehicle permit. However, I was waived by by a border person, so no permits. That means driving back to the border and get all the paperwork sorted. So 2 hours back again, to arrive at the border and to find out the printer is out of order, I need to wait. So I waited for two hours, printer fixed and papers in order. Now it is too late to drive back, so I spent the night at the border town of Puerto Palomas. Hopefully tomorrow will be smoother, but it is all part of the adventure. Tomorrow I want to reach Creel, the entrance to copper canyon. I'll keep you posted

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