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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wendover to Carson to South Lake Tahoe, meeting up with great friends.

Wendover is a place I will not be going back to, but the view from the room was good. Wendover is a small town outside the salt flats.
One of the places I really wanted to go was the bonneville speedway. And I made it.
Then I went on my own speedway, 27 miles without a turn, corner or nothing, just straight road. The road is called the loneliest highway in America.
My stop for lunch, I was being followed by some chopper boys.
and followed by bad weather, the raindrops were so big, I had to almost stop to not hurt myself.
But then it dried up and the road was great again
I stopped at a lake to have a snack and noticed this speedboat pull up, nice shiny engine.
My stop in Carson city, a motel room for 38 dollar, but I didn't want to walk around on it without shows on. Next time a bit more expensive.

I made it to Melissa and Iains'. They took me on a little road trip and this was at emerald bay. When we got to the house, it started to hail. Today we rented a boat and crossed lake tahoe and had great fun trying out a rental speedboat. The weather was also great and it is nice to have a day of the bike. Tomorrow I ride to San Ramon to have a look at their new house.

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