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Sunday, September 4, 2011

more rain, more bears, And Sunshine!

 Snow in the mountains, not a good sign, but I kept away from the mountain! Smart move, I might add.
 My second bear, so sad. I wasn't the one to hit it, luckely. What would a nice bear skin do?
 My third bear, a bit difficult to see, but this one is alive!
 The last part of highway 37. If you are ever there, drive it! It was amazing and the pictures don't do it just.
 After the 37 I took the 16 t Prince Rupert, there was more trafic on the road and also the landscape changed. And the temperature also went up, this morning it was 6 degrees, when I stopped it was 21.
All and all a very good day driving, saw lots of beautiful things and the roads are still great. The only thing that needs work it the sleeping arrangment. I knew Alaska was expensive, but didn't expect that to go on in Canada as well. I'll start planning my stops better, and search the net in advance.
O, and can somebody tell me what the big insect are, that have yellow stuff inside and cover my whole screen when I hit them? They are not nice!
Tomorrow I drive to Banff. Or close to it.

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  1. Dag Steven,
    je neemt het we heel LETTERLIJK:
    Beren op de weg. :)
    Groeten, op naar de warmte.