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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bryce canyon and Mother nature! Now in Hanksville

 So the plan was to travel from Panguitch to the valley of the gods today. Early rise and a picture of my restaurant. Of to bryce canyon it was. The picture below is taken on the way to the canyon.

 And this is the canyon it self. Words or pictures cannot discribe the beauty of this place. Go there once! And if you do, go very early, nobody there and the canyon is so quiet.

 After that, I wanted to do the Burr trail and I did most of it, until I met a ranger who told me the road ahead was washed away, so I had to go back and found another route. I ended up heading for Hanksville, being followed by the clouds and rain and thunder behind me. I made it to the normal road just in time.
Unfortunately, I decided to take one more trail of 5 kilometers off road, this was a short cut and I was sure the rain wouldn't catch up. It did and I got stuck in the most stickiest of muds. It took me half an hour to ride the 5 kilometers with great help of some guys and a girl in two jeeps! How nice some people can be. I had them covered in mud flying from my rear wheel and they stuck with me until the asphalt. Now the bike is clean again, my gear is washed and I am in Hanksville. This is the smallest town I ever stayed in. Tomorrow I drive for the valley of the gods again, Tuesday I have to be in Tuscon for a service, I'll have to maybe skip monument valley.

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