Welcome to my blog. On this blog I will post my travels on a motorcycle. The first trip was the start of the blog, but soon after I finished, I realized that there would more travels done on my motorcycle. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sand, sea and wind. And lots of kilometers

 Today was all about dessert. The roads are great and I can make some serious speed.
 Unlike this guy, but if one breaks down, the other one helps out.
 hugh sandunes are everywhere.
 overloaded truck. I was driving behind another one, when one of the axles broke. one wheel came off and nearly hit an oncoming car, then went to the left and back on the road again to the otherside. Strange things happen on the road here.
 It doesn't bother the beast, he keeps going.
 Hugh waves on the pacific coast, they create a haze all over the coast, but I like the smell of salt water! Also it brings a very strong, fresh wind, so the temperature stays at a nice 25 degrees.

 The fishing fleet of Peru.

A great day of driving, trough the dessert and small and bigger cities. I did almost 700 kilometers, I have another day planned tomorrow along the coast, I hope to do another 700 km, that leaves me one more day to get to Cuzco, the gateway to Macchu Picchu. It's great to be back on the road, Peru is a nice country to make some distance and the people are friendly as well. Lots of  police, but they seem to like sitting in their cars.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Country number 12! And what a ride...

 I got up early today, ready to make some miles. The elbow is still big and red, but feels better. I first drove south, via a beautifull road, almost nobody on it and lots of great views. I'll let the pictures talk.

 It's been a while that I really enjoyed myself this much, I like it better when I don't have to constantly watch the traffic and have some time to look around and see some of the country side. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Also, no rain today!!

 This was my lunch partner, about an hour before the border crossing with Peru. I chose the one at Macara, only good things I can say about it. All and all less then an hour and friendly people. I like it when they are like that.
 The mountains are behind me, and so is the cold. I drove off this morning with 10 degrees, in Peru, the max temp was 36.

 Lots and Lots of these little taxis, almost no cars. So I was worried if there was a rule in Peru that you can't drive on Sunday or something like that. If so, I got away with it!
 So the road was gone, but luckely, this little bridge was still there, made for the little taxis and my bike. The local guys were very cheerfull.
The beginning of the desert, I am now staying in Piura, tomorrow I drive as far south as I can, to make some miles. The roads at this moment look good, so I should be able to do some distance. In the last two days I did just under a 1000 km, so that is good. I hope I can keep it up.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

No time to waist, I've got to move with haist

Back on the road! The elbow is still big and red and hot, but the doctor gave his ok, I do have some more pills to take and creme to put on. But at least I am on my way south again. Yesterday I also was able to pick up my bike, with some issues of course. Although the rules are there also for tourists, the system doesn't know Dutch license plates, so when I went to pay the fine, 88 dollars, the system couldn't handle the number. So I couldn't pay, so I couldn't pick up my bike. Luckely the guys from the hotel helped me out once again and it was sorted and I could pick it up, below is the office and my friends!

 My hotel room in Quito for the last 5 nights, a very nice place, good service and friendly staff.
 A snap shot of the cotopaxi, a very high volcano, covered in snow and clouds.
 the drive was great, the start had still alot of traffic, but the more south I got, the better the roads and less cars and trucks.
I peaked today at 3611 meters, and you can really notice the thin air, you also have less resistance driving. But it is also cold, I had to change from warm weather gear to cold weather gear.

 I can't find where this place is, but it looked nice.
 Cuenca, they have a flower market. It is a nice city, not as busy as quito and not that many police men. Good.

Tomorrow I go to the border with Peru, looking forward to a new country. Ecuador was nice, but I did stay here way to long. I have another 10.330 kilometers to drive in 30 days. I can avarage about 450 kilometers here, but more south, that becomes different. We'll see. So far I have driven about 23.000 kilometers, used two rear tires, 1 front tire, got the bike serviced twice and I think I must have filled up the bike about 65 times and have hit 42340 bugs. Give or take a view.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

the Equator revisited. And lucky number 7?

 Gerben and I wanted to see the monument on the Equator, as it is pretty special to cross. Gerben crossed it going south and now going north again, I only cross it going south. It was a very nice day, lots of pictures and then we find out that it is actually not on the right spot, but 190 south of the reall line. Somebody must have made a whoopsie there. But it still looks good.

 They have some lama's there to keep the grass short, better then the machette swinging roadworkers.
 Gerben and I checking out both sides of the world.
 Nothing to do with the equator, but this is a restaurant feeding the grill is a special way with wood. The wood is outside on the pavement, the grill is inside.
 Quito by night! And the basilica
Right, and now about number 7! Yesterday I brought the beast away for a service, today I could pick it up. Yeah. So I was on my way back to the hotel when I got pulled over. Something about my license plate. Ok, let's have a look. It ends on a 7, that is correct. O, I can't drive with that. Well, I can, just not on Thursday evening between 16.00 and 19.30. Ok, I didn't know that, I am sorry. Well, that didn't impress the police much, I had to drive the bike to the impound lot, where it is sleeping now. Tomorrow I have to pay a fine of 88 dollar at the bank before I can pick it up again. It is the law, that is correct, but how am I to know it and why does it also work for tourists on a foreign license. It is a couple of hours ago that it happened, so I am more relaxed about, but the police here in quito now know a couple of rather strong Dutch swearwords. Tomorrow I first go to the doctor, fingers crossed I am good to go, then pay at the bank, then pick up the bike and then leave Quito and continue with the trip. It's been a while since I've been on the road.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out of the hospital, spending some recovery time in Quito

 On the last two days, I had to have my valve on an other location, as the one in my hand got irritated. So they placed it right there. Not the best location for moving around, or sleeping.
 Checked out at the desk, bye bye lovely nurses of the hospital. And of course the doctors, they were good as well
 When I got back to the hotel, they moved my bike to the otherside of the court, all looked ok
 Some sightseeing, many of this kind of churches in Quito.
 The dog got his nose stuck in the coca cola cup. It must have been the painkillers, but I thought it was the funniest thing. In fact, I still think it was funny
 See that little red button? That is the deadman switch. Yesterday, I made arrangments via bts, thanks Ignacio and Rene, to get my bike serviced here in Quito. I wanted to start the bike, but nothing, lights came on, horn worked everything seemed to be working. besides the nice boxer sound coming from the engine. Anyway, I was not happy. We called the bmw dealer and they came around by 4. The guy looked, flicked the red button and there was that nice sound that I have been missing for the last week. When the people from the hotel moved the bike, they must have flicked it. I felt really stupid. I was already thinking about removing the side stand switch and tried to find out what other causes there might be. And on board, I always tell everybody to think simple if something doesn't work that worked the day before.
This morning, I went to the hospital for some blood tests, Friday I have to return to meet with the doctor and hopefully then I will get the ok to travel again. I have lost 11 days with this little adventure, I can't loose anymore days or my deadline (Ushuaia and eventually Buenos Aires) will be very difficult to keep.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

hospital update.

 the elbow, on Saturday morning. The swelling is going down, so is the redness, but the centre, right on the elbow, is still very swollen, red and hot. Tomorrow there is another blood test and I will know more about the discharge date. Like my dress?
This is the view from my room. It's nice, but I have seen it now.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

crossing the line....

 I have a valve in my hand!
 This is my room for the next couple of days, tv, internet, sofa and a bed. Nothing wrong with that.
 But this was the room I had for the first night I stayed in Quito. With a fire place, something I really miss in my new room
 I did drive the day before yesterday across the equator. Cactus, palm and a snow covered mountain. That is a bit strange, but I am at 2800 meter here.
 I did it! Drove the beast and myself from Alaska and the arctic circle to the equator. I missed the road with the monument, so I only have the gps position to prove it.
 It was a great drive down to Quito, lots of mountains, canyons and very good roads.
As for the elbow and the anti biotics, they haven't kicked in yet and the inflamed area is still growing, but I am in good hands. I won't check out tomorrow that is for sure, I suspect it will be after the weekend. No fun, but I still have a couple of days spare, before the trip comes in danger, so I am staying positive and hope to finish the trip.
I'll keep you posted.