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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out of the hospital, spending some recovery time in Quito

 On the last two days, I had to have my valve on an other location, as the one in my hand got irritated. So they placed it right there. Not the best location for moving around, or sleeping.
 Checked out at the desk, bye bye lovely nurses of the hospital. And of course the doctors, they were good as well
 When I got back to the hotel, they moved my bike to the otherside of the court, all looked ok
 Some sightseeing, many of this kind of churches in Quito.
 The dog got his nose stuck in the coca cola cup. It must have been the painkillers, but I thought it was the funniest thing. In fact, I still think it was funny
 See that little red button? That is the deadman switch. Yesterday, I made arrangments via bts, thanks Ignacio and Rene, to get my bike serviced here in Quito. I wanted to start the bike, but nothing, lights came on, horn worked everything seemed to be working. besides the nice boxer sound coming from the engine. Anyway, I was not happy. We called the bmw dealer and they came around by 4. The guy looked, flicked the red button and there was that nice sound that I have been missing for the last week. When the people from the hotel moved the bike, they must have flicked it. I felt really stupid. I was already thinking about removing the side stand switch and tried to find out what other causes there might be. And on board, I always tell everybody to think simple if something doesn't work that worked the day before.
This morning, I went to the hospital for some blood tests, Friday I have to return to meet with the doctor and hopefully then I will get the ok to travel again. I have lost 11 days with this little adventure, I can't loose anymore days or my deadline (Ushuaia and eventually Buenos Aires) will be very difficult to keep.

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