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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

on the wet, wet, wet road again

 So after a couple of very nice days in hotel club del mar in Jaco, together with Julie, it was time to hit the road. I got a new rear tire in the morning, on the road by 09.30 and in the rain by 11.30. It is the rain season in Central America and I can tell you, it really rains over here. I had my dry suit on, a bit warm, but it worked, so that was not a problem, the potholes, mud slides, trucks and school busses were. I crossed the border not in paso canoa, but at rio sereno, a very nice place to cross. It still takes an hour and half, but the people are friendly and the "helpers" are nowhere to be found. And you get a little bit of off road and a very nice mountain road.
 Jaco in the rain
 Palm trees in the rain

Even the waterfall was wet! Today I sleep in David, nothing special and tomorrow I ride to Panama, to get the bike and myself across to Columbia. Hopefully in better weather.
O, and I got my parts for my helmet, for free from Schuberth USA. A big thank you for Phil and Jacky!

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