Welcome to my blog. On this blog I will post my travels on a motorcycle. The first trip was the start of the blog, but soon after I finished, I realized that there would more travels done on my motorcycle. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Panama City.

 I had some time on my hands here in Panama, so I decided to open op a shop in the local mall
 It is a big mall, well, I think it is.
 I also went to have a look at the miraflores locks. It was nice to see it from the otherside.

 This is were I had to leave my bike. It is strange to just leave it in a warehouse. I hope to be re-united with the bike tomorrow, I fly to Bogota at 6 in the morning. I am ready for the next part of this trip and hit some roads again.

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