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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Colombia has a lot to show, and it did!

 So I made it to Colombia, with a small hick up at the beginning, I boarded my plane, we moved away from the terminal and we moved back to the terminal, everybody off, security check and everybody back on board. I was in Bogota at nine, to the office to pick up the beast and by 12 all was done, a very smooth operation. I decided to stay in Bogota for the night, to do some sight seeing, instead I fell asleep and only went out for a meal.
 As it is very green here, there is bound to be a lot of rain. And that was true again. I would like to have a day without rain again. I drove the ruta 40, very nice until the last mountain range, crazy amount of trucks, landslides, rain and traffic. It was good to be on a motor, but the the max I could drive was about 40, and that for two hours. No pictures of this event, it rained too hard and I really had to pay attention to the driving style of the locals

 I woke up in Bogota with a painfull elbow. This picture is in Cali, and it has swollen to a proper golf ball. O, and it hurts whenever I move it, but not when I am driving. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Colombia, not sure what to do, stay here for another day, or make it to Equador and visit a doctor there. Or, maybe, tomorrow it will all be back to normal.

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