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Thursday, October 20, 2011

crossing the line....

 I have a valve in my hand!
 This is my room for the next couple of days, tv, internet, sofa and a bed. Nothing wrong with that.
 But this was the room I had for the first night I stayed in Quito. With a fire place, something I really miss in my new room
 I did drive the day before yesterday across the equator. Cactus, palm and a snow covered mountain. That is a bit strange, but I am at 2800 meter here.
 I did it! Drove the beast and myself from Alaska and the arctic circle to the equator. I missed the road with the monument, so I only have the gps position to prove it.
 It was a great drive down to Quito, lots of mountains, canyons and very good roads.
As for the elbow and the anti biotics, they haven't kicked in yet and the inflamed area is still growing, but I am in good hands. I won't check out tomorrow that is for sure, I suspect it will be after the weekend. No fun, but I still have a couple of days spare, before the trip comes in danger, so I am staying positive and hope to finish the trip.
I'll keep you posted.

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