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Saturday, October 29, 2011

No time to waist, I've got to move with haist

Back on the road! The elbow is still big and red and hot, but the doctor gave his ok, I do have some more pills to take and creme to put on. But at least I am on my way south again. Yesterday I also was able to pick up my bike, with some issues of course. Although the rules are there also for tourists, the system doesn't know Dutch license plates, so when I went to pay the fine, 88 dollars, the system couldn't handle the number. So I couldn't pay, so I couldn't pick up my bike. Luckely the guys from the hotel helped me out once again and it was sorted and I could pick it up, below is the office and my friends!

 My hotel room in Quito for the last 5 nights, a very nice place, good service and friendly staff.
 A snap shot of the cotopaxi, a very high volcano, covered in snow and clouds.
 the drive was great, the start had still alot of traffic, but the more south I got, the better the roads and less cars and trucks.
I peaked today at 3611 meters, and you can really notice the thin air, you also have less resistance driving. But it is also cold, I had to change from warm weather gear to cold weather gear.

 I can't find where this place is, but it looked nice.
 Cuenca, they have a flower market. It is a nice city, not as busy as quito and not that many police men. Good.

Tomorrow I go to the border with Peru, looking forward to a new country. Ecuador was nice, but I did stay here way to long. I have another 10.330 kilometers to drive in 30 days. I can avarage about 450 kilometers here, but more south, that becomes different. We'll see. So far I have driven about 23.000 kilometers, used two rear tires, 1 front tire, got the bike serviced twice and I think I must have filled up the bike about 65 times and have hit 42340 bugs. Give or take a view.

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