Welcome to my blog. On this blog I will post my travels on a motorcycle. The first trip was the start of the blog, but soon after I finished, I realized that there would more travels done on my motorcycle. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Slow day on the saddle.

Today we took it easy and visited some of the more active areas of Iceland. Also more touristic. But still very cool to see. Some pictures

Tonight we are in Husavik, we had a great day again, nice weather and good food in a farmers barn. All and all, Iceland is really nice.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Party like it's my birthday!

So, today we had our first big track day planned. Lots of kilometers as well, so out of bed early, off for breakfast. Unfortunately, breakfast was only served at 8, so we decided to had out without breakfast. We had hobnobs and water. The night before we looked at the map and decided to do one big loop inland first and if we had time, we would do a second. We had a great morning on the first route, hit some farmer's tracks, some crossing, some swamps and some crossroads. We really had so much fun and all was going very well. We got our boots flooded, mud paths until the foodpegs, moonlands and a belgium guy on a bike in the middle of nowhere. He had a long while to go before he was going to see some normal roads again. We had done at least 100 km with nothing and he was going down the path we just road. Poor guy.
 farmer's track
 river crossings

 The crossing that stole my sunglasses
 going down the highlands, we had to drive down de F821. This is more like driving down a river then a road. But it was sooo much fun.
Icelandic horse
As I might have mentioned before, it was a great day, maybe even the best day ever on a bike. And, it was my birthday! So after we arrived in Akureyri, we went to pick up our new tyres, had them fitted and after that we went out for steak. Perfect day. Also, I would like to thank Julie for her call and all the other people that left me a message one way or the other.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

worries on the horizon?

Today we woke up and had a look at our bikes. Our tires (mt21) are wearing out rather quick and we both didn't feel too good about it, we had some big plans to do some serious offroading later on the trip and we were affraid that after some more of the icelandic asphalt, our tyres would become slicks. So we decided to take it slow during todays trip. When we got to a coffee (tea) stop, we ran into Rob and he had the same worries. So he called a friend and we have new tyres waiting tomorrow. So, we set off all happy and were able to make some speed again. Not much off roading, more a connection road. So, not that many pictures either. Except of a stone formation that the locals call a horse.
Our coffee stop where we got the happy news. This place and the whole route was rather windy, it shows on the buildings that living here is harsh.

 The horse.

As happy as an icelandic person is the sun

Today was all about the Fjords, but also about the winds, we are still in the west fjords and our goal is to be in Isofjodur tonight. Last night we slept in a place called Talknafjodur, or something like that.
We set off to do some nice riding, but the wind made it a bit more difficult. Never mind, it is part of the adventure.
There was a track on the map around one of the peninsulas and we decided to take it. The moment we got on it, the wind died and we had the best time. Sunny, nice temprature, some watercrossings and nobody on the road. Perfect.

 Me, doing a crossing with enough throttle.
 Our lunch spot
 the biggest waterfall in the west part of Iceland. As always, it looks smaller on camera.

 Isofjordur, still lots of snow and the moment the sun was gone, very chilly.
 Lots of boulders on one part of the track, but as the big 4x4 also know of this track, the surface was still smooth(ish)
To reach Isofjordur, you have to go via a tunnel. We tried to look for the old road over the mountain, but couldn't find it. The Tunnel is nice, one lane only and and intersection in the middle of it. Very cool. We had a great meal at the local fishrestaurant, but we were not allowed to eat with the rest of the people, we had to sit in a seperate room. Are we starting to smell like bikers already?