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Saturday, August 23, 2014

worries on the horizon?

Today we woke up and had a look at our bikes. Our tires (mt21) are wearing out rather quick and we both didn't feel too good about it, we had some big plans to do some serious offroading later on the trip and we were affraid that after some more of the icelandic asphalt, our tyres would become slicks. So we decided to take it slow during todays trip. When we got to a coffee (tea) stop, we ran into Rob and he had the same worries. So he called a friend and we have new tyres waiting tomorrow. So, we set off all happy and were able to make some speed again. Not much off roading, more a connection road. So, not that many pictures either. Except of a stone formation that the locals call a horse.
Our coffee stop where we got the happy news. This place and the whole route was rather windy, it shows on the buildings that living here is harsh.

 The horse.

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