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Thursday, August 21, 2014


And I am back with another trip. After preparing the x-challenge, it was time to see what I did wrong, so I booked a trip to Iceland. I booked with Ride On motortours, a company that doesn't have you drive in convoy. I also went to Marokko with them. My riding buddy from Marokko, Geert was also going so good times are to  be expected. He drives a ktm 640 adventure, always nice to have something orange around.
 Here the bike is still in the container, we were able to pick the bikes up a day before the trip actually started. We took the bikes out for a little test drive around the blue lagoon area.
 The first time we got to see the typical landscape. It was great to be riding the little beast. It makes a hugh difference with the 1200gsa
 Geert on his mighty machine
 strange formations.
We spent the first two night in reykjavic. The third morning we are to set off on our trip. Can't wait to explore more of the Island and see what the bike can do. I am sure a lot more then I can.

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