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Saturday, August 23, 2014

washboards and rocks

Today there were two options, go by boat or drive. As I spend enough time on a boat and we came to Iceland to drive bikes, we opted for the second. It was going to be a long drive, with some paved sections and some unpaved sections. We were ready for it. So we set off and soon hit a lot of unpaved, in the beginning we were still taking it easy with the throttle, but soon we got the hang of it and we were flying over the dirt roads. The suspension of my bike was perfect! And so was the seat.
Half way in our trip we met up with our fearless leader and he had found a track, not yet explored. We took off to do some exploring, it was very though. But it showed me that the bike can handle anything, well, a lot more then I can handle. So, after an hour of track, I lost about 2 liters of sweat and my arms were swollen, we made it to the pavement.
 Leo decided to park his bike on the side of the track for a moment. A big hole in the road set him off course.
 Some nice views.
 This statue is supposed to bring good fortune to travellers.
Once we got to the appartment, Rob found out that somebody else also got stuck next to the road. He arranged a truck with a trailer and went on a rescue mission. They all returned way after midnight. I did not notice anything, as I was sound asleep, dreaming about being the next dakar winner!

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