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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Country number 12! And what a ride...

 I got up early today, ready to make some miles. The elbow is still big and red, but feels better. I first drove south, via a beautifull road, almost nobody on it and lots of great views. I'll let the pictures talk.

 It's been a while that I really enjoyed myself this much, I like it better when I don't have to constantly watch the traffic and have some time to look around and see some of the country side. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Also, no rain today!!

 This was my lunch partner, about an hour before the border crossing with Peru. I chose the one at Macara, only good things I can say about it. All and all less then an hour and friendly people. I like it when they are like that.
 The mountains are behind me, and so is the cold. I drove off this morning with 10 degrees, in Peru, the max temp was 36.

 Lots and Lots of these little taxis, almost no cars. So I was worried if there was a rule in Peru that you can't drive on Sunday or something like that. If so, I got away with it!
 So the road was gone, but luckely, this little bridge was still there, made for the little taxis and my bike. The local guys were very cheerfull.
The beginning of the desert, I am now staying in Piura, tomorrow I drive as far south as I can, to make some miles. The roads at this moment look good, so I should be able to do some distance. In the last two days I did just under a 1000 km, so that is good. I hope I can keep it up.

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  1. Hi Steven, just got back home.
    Knew something was going on with your elbow.
    Any way you are back on the road.
    Wish you GOOD LUCK.