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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sand, sea and wind. And lots of kilometers

 Today was all about dessert. The roads are great and I can make some serious speed.
 Unlike this guy, but if one breaks down, the other one helps out.
 hugh sandunes are everywhere.
 overloaded truck. I was driving behind another one, when one of the axles broke. one wheel came off and nearly hit an oncoming car, then went to the left and back on the road again to the otherside. Strange things happen on the road here.
 It doesn't bother the beast, he keeps going.
 Hugh waves on the pacific coast, they create a haze all over the coast, but I like the smell of salt water! Also it brings a very strong, fresh wind, so the temperature stays at a nice 25 degrees.

 The fishing fleet of Peru.

A great day of driving, trough the dessert and small and bigger cities. I did almost 700 kilometers, I have another day planned tomorrow along the coast, I hope to do another 700 km, that leaves me one more day to get to Cuzco, the gateway to Macchu Picchu. It's great to be back on the road, Peru is a nice country to make some distance and the people are friendly as well. Lots of  police, but they seem to like sitting in their cars.

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