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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Durango, a short drive

 So today I drove to Durango, a short drive of just over 400km to visit Jen, a mutual friend of Jules. The drive wasn't very exciting, but still nice, I drove trough many little villages, all with a lot of sleeping policemen. Something you really have to get used to, they are rather big!

Jen, thanks for having me over on suchs short notice and only for one day, I hope to be back so we can explore a bit more of Durango.
In the back ground is a church and this is on the roof of their appartment block, very nice. Tomorrow I drive to Mazatlan, via the devils spin. This is a technical road with lots of turns and twists, should be fun. I get to see the ocean again, after 4 weeks of being inland. Can't wait to go for a swim!

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