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Friday, September 9, 2011

A long day on and off the bike, Livingston to Jackson

 The elevator in the Murray hotel, you still have to call a lift boy!
 Driving the bear tooth higway and you get views like this, a beautifull road, but too short. I would have loved to do it again, but Yellowstone awaits

 The roads in Yellowstone park, on the picture is shows empty, but boy, was it busy. The busiest roads since Fairbanks.

 I captured some wild life myself as well
 Geyser at Norris, I think it looks like Shrek
 More geysers at Norris
 A buffalo, or bizon. I don't know, but it was big.
 Old faithfull geyser, it blows every 90 minutes. This must have been at least 20 meters high. And I only had to wait 30 minutes.
 Teton mountains with sunset.
The deer are close to the road, as this one shows. I saw him in the distance so I slowed down and got my camera out. As I drove by, he jumped, luckely off the road.
Today I didn't do much distance, but I did spend 12 hours on the road. Yellowstone is beautiful, but to drive it is difficult. You have to watch the roads, because people stop at every animal they see, or think to see. I also found out that walking at 3300 meters is different then walking on sea level. Tomorrow I drive to the Bonneville salt flats. But now a beer and a steak, I deserved it.

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  1. Wow Steve, that picture of that deer bolting off is majestic!
    Enjoy your dinner. :)