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Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the road again, from San Ramon to Tonopah ( who doesn't know that town)

 So after a couple of relaxing days with Melissa and Iain (thanks again for having me over, it was great to see you and call me when we start the speedboattestingcentre). I got some new tyres, the tourances lasted only 11000km, but the roads north were bad. Now I have Heidenau K60 tyres, I'll find out what they do in Mexico.
 Again nice riding roads
 Two guys on Harley's, both from texas, but one is an original aussie, hence the kangaroo. I had a nice chat with them while looking out over the Yosemite Park. That is where most photo's are from. The park is high on my list of parks, very pretty and impressive.
 I got my hair wet here, it was very warm, so I decided to stick my head in very cold water.
 It almost looks fake, but it is real, have a look at the waterfall, it is massive
Tomorrow I drive the extra terrestrial highway, if I don't update the blog anymore, I have gone off to space.
All part of the adventure. If the alliens leave me alone, I will try to get as far as bryce canyon.
So tomorrow I drive East.

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