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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in Fairbanks

This is how the day started off. Beautiful weather and great views
 The beginning of the dalton highway. 400 something miles to deadhorse. This road was build together with the alaskan pipeline and follows this pipe line, more or less. It is a challange for anybody riding it, the roads are not good, lots of construction and heavy trucking
The weather was great!

 Crossing the arctic circle. Don't let the outfit fool you, it was 20 degrees and I was sweating!
 I spent the night in Coldfoot, the next day I drove to deadhorse, you can see this oil mining town in the distance.
 Sunrise on my way back to faibanks, at the lovely arctic caribou inn.

 a mux cocks, or something like that, anyway, a hairy beast that looked very crumpy in the early morning.
 A moose!
 3 Great days of riding, I am so happy to have done this. I left fairbanks, thinking there would be a fuel station along the way up to the beginning of the Dalton, I was wrong, so I had to borrow some fuel from some very nice people, they didn't even want any money for it. Riding up, I met two guys on choppers also going up and we kept running into each other on random places, good to share the experiences with. I also tried the helmet camera, but when I hooked it up to the bike, it died and I haven't been able to bring it back alive. The road was great and that had everything to do with the best weather you can ask for. The bike ran fine and it feels like the trip now really has started. Tomorrow I do my first border crossing, I ride into Canada on my way to Dawson City. The picture below is my favorite so far, beautiful scenery and a great bike. Maybe I shouldn't tell this, it doesn't look good for me, but when turning around, I got the bike stuck and spent the next half hour digging it out. It's all part of the adventure!

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  1. Fun seeing the Carribou Inn again. I spent a rough night there once.
    Good luck on the Alcan, and don't get eaten by a bear (or anything else for that matter!)