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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is what it's all about!

 What a day! I got on the bike at 06.30 to climb some mountains. I reached 4566 meters! I must say I did get very strange in the head, even more then usual. I am now at 3400 meters, still high, but no side effects from the altitude.
 It started of with climbing and dessert, truly nothing there.
 Besides this animal, I don't know what it is, but there are plenty along the first part of this road.
 The valleys are green and lots of farming going on.

 A Lama. I had to keep moving, didn't want to be spitted on.
 More of his or her friends. It looks like they are just eating dirt, but there must be something there that they like.
 Just a picture of the very blue sky.
 4566 meters! The bike did great, better then me, I was struggling a bit with keeping focussed, I got easily confused between clutch and break and stuff like that. Funny to notice.
 This was a while later, the gps and google maps told me it was a 7 hour drive, it took me 11.5 to do 557 km and I still didn't reach my destination. Maybe if I hadn't stopped to look at this rather big spider, I would have.I got to Urubamba when it became dark, I wanted to push on, but then I almost went full speed over a speedbump and I decided to check into the nearest hotel. I found a hotel, it is above my budget, but it is really nice, and they could arrange the trip to Macchu Picchu for tomorrow, so all is well at the end. It was a great drive trough the mountains, with friendly people, cows, pigs llama's, dogs, cats, goats and sheep. Very long, maybe too long, but I made it, tomorrow is a rest day for the beast and then it is off to Puno, the last stop in Peru before entering Bolivia. Below is a picture of the sunset on some farmlands. It was stunning.

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