Welcome to my blog. On this blog I will post my travels on a motorcycle. The first trip was the start of the blog, but soon after I finished, I realized that there would more travels done on my motorcycle. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

riding over saltwith some great people

 A hugh meteorite crater, the pictures are a bit random, sorry for that. The guy standing at the motor was Max, the tour guide for the group of motors below. I met them at the hotel when I checked out, they were also going to Uyuni, but via some great off road tracks. It was a tour of 7 days, organized by bmw bolivia. They let me drive with them and we had a great time, on the bikes and off.

 Bolivia gas station, don't tell them you are a foreigner, you don't get any fuel. Again, it was very good the guys were with me, they gave me a full tank!

 The beast on a salt flat, amazing views, I will post some more pictures later
 The dirt roads here are hard for a big bike like the beast, but he did great

 My bike and the support van.
during the 3 days that I rode with the guys, 3 batteries died, all of the f800gs, very strange. It was a great day and I was very happy to be riding with the group. I wouldn't have done this by myself

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