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Friday, November 4, 2011

The police again!

 You know when the entrance of the hotel looks like this, it is going to cost you. But it was a very nice hotel, met some great people there and relaxed. I slept in, woke up at 8!
 The drive was nice, sunny and smooth. Some more old stuff on route
 An old women, nice thing to see is that everybody where the local outfits, it is not a tourist thing.
 back in the mountains, 4000 meters.
I am getting a little bit frustrated with the police now, they stop me frequently and all want money. Sometimes they are very insisting and you can't get away without paying. It is just so normall over here, it is wrong. Today is my last day in Peru, I drive to Bolivia tomorrow.

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  1. Soory te read that ypou where ripped off in Peru by the Police.

    Next time ask for there id and pick up your phone to call the tourist police office......