Welcome to my blog. On this blog I will post my travels on a motorcycle. The first trip was the start of the blog, but soon after I finished, I realized that there would more travels done on my motorcycle. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Almost done

 Yesterday I drove from Bahia Blanca (where the dakar rally goes trough) to Villa Gesell, and I had the wind in the back, that was great. Today I spent on the beach, which looks a lot like the beach I grew up on. It was a nice relaxing day, tomorrow I drive to Buenos Aires, I have a meeting on Monday for the transportation. 500 kilometer to go and it is done.

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  1. Steven, you made it!
    Wish you all the best and not too much fuzz in making the arrangements to get the bike/luggage back.